This was an absolutely amazing experience! Our captain was knowledgeable, she has been sailing since a young age and was even a coast guard captain! Sean was very helpful in answering calls, and providing all kinds of different information while out on the boat. We will not forget this experience and hope to book a private sail soon!

Nicole S.

We participated in the sailing instruction class. It was really interesting and we enjoyed the instructor and the sailing to the Bay. The sailboat was very clean and the staff friendly and helpful. We have decided to sign up for the full class in the fall when it cools off some. We would recommend this to anyone who has not had a lot of boating experience.

Alan Bleds

Thank you Captain Adele, thank you Sean, it was just a great time. You helped us, pointed us in the right direction, taught us and allowed us to learn from you.

Jay Stein

Great deal on renting a kayak. Definitely something fun to do with your friends and family.

J. Uhl

Excellent class. Very professional yet laid back.

David Foste