Fireworks Charters

Let’s Go Sailing PRIVATE Fireworks Sailing Cruises

Sit Back, Relax, Enjoy The Fireworks!– Bring what you want to eat and drink and let the Captain’s treat you to a great time.

For up to Six People the cost is $110 per person per trip for the Captain and the Sail Boat. Brides-to-Be Specials Daily.

An affiliate school of the American Sailing Association, Let’s Go Sailing School teaches students of all levels how to sail with confidence under the tutelage of experienced guides and instructors. Instructors sprinkle landlubbers with the knowledge necessary to tear through the water on any size vessel, ranging from large-keel boats to windsurfing boards and kayaks. The school’s diverse coterie of courses covers crucial nautical subjects, including sailing certification, coastal navigation, chartering, and night sailing. The expert captains also lead charters through the Gulf of Mexico and Galveston Bay as well as summer camps in which kids man kayaks and Sunfish sailboats to gain hands-on practice, which is believed to be the second-best teacher after self-hypnosis.

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