"Excellent class. Very professional yet laid back."

Duncan Sinclair

2 months ago

"Great deal on renting a kayak. Definitely something fun to do with your friends and family. "

J. Uhl

6 months ago

"Thank you Captain Adele, thank you Sean, it was just a great time. You helped us, pointed us in the right direction, taught us and allowed us to learn from you. THANKS"

John Coggin

a year ago

"We purchased a Living Social for the sailing instruction class. It was really interesting and we enjoyed the instructor and the sailing to the Bay. The sailboat was very clean and the staff friendly and helpful. We have decided to sign up for the full class in the fall when it cools off some. We would recommend this to anyone who has not had a lot of boating experience."

Adam Bricks

3 years ago

"We searched the internet and went to ASA and looked at several schools to learn how to sail. We decided on All Points of Sail in Seabrook and we are glad we did. The class by Captain John was well organized and we went over all the points in the logbook and ASA book and spent a lot of time on the water. Everyone was very nice and the boats were cool, we enjoyed the 2 day class and will be going back to take the other classes there. "

B A Molloi

3 years ago

"I want to thank Captain John and Sean for a great time on the last kayak tour to Armand Bayou actually got to the business early and had us all loaded up for the trip. It still took quite a time for us to all get the life jackets we wanted but they let us pick them out. Then we also picked out the paddles they showed us. That took a little while too but everyone was patient and understood that everyone needed to get ready to be safe. It was a little frustrating when some people came late after everyone was ready. The owner, Captain John, had loaded a few extra tandem kayaks just in case but when the people got there late they wanted singles. We had to wait while it was explained to them that the trailer was limited and it was first come first serve and the doubles were already on the trailer. That did not matter to them but they finally agreed and everyone went to their cars. We followed the tour guide to Armand Bayou, Sean. It was a little hectic getting there but no one can control the traffic in the bay area. We made it to the Bayou and Sean unloaded everything and we got under way. Even though the groupon was for Clear Lake the owner wanted to treat us to a different area and I appreciate that but it did take sometime to get there. None the less, Sean handled the tour well and we had the three hours as advertised. The bayou was wonderful and the alligators were everywhere, I guess it was the right time of year. Even then some of the others complained about being tired and the tour was too long. Everyone was pretty tired after the tour. I guess Sean got everything back on and back to the business. We were too tired to help. It was a treat getting to do something different and the fact that it was supposed to be Clear Lake and we went to Armand was a surprise to us. We did not expect that extra effort. We will be going back as soon as we get back in town."

Damon Tackett

3 years ago